FRAG was established in 1989 by following the dream of the founder, Ms. Franka Glavinic.
FRAG had the vision to develop and introduce environmental friendly waterborne labeling adhesive technology for the beverage industry of the Adria countries.
The dream made FRAG the 1st company to produce casein adhesives in the region and soon put FRAG into the regional leader position.
Since the start FRAG has evolved into a producer of all types of waterborne adhesives, from pure natural to full-synthetic polymer based adhesives technologies.
Since the start the focus on environmental friendly and sustainable adhesive developments and solutions are in the forefront of FRAG.

FRAG, over 10 years, under toll-manufacturing partnership is in position to produce and supply hot-melt adhesives for most types of applications.
FRAG operates under quality management system of ISO 9001:2000.
Thanks to the committed professional customer approach, FRAG obtained many customer certificates during the years of operation.
FRAG holds Institute for Business Intelligence Award.


Special modified vessels with advanced stirring geometry.
Double heating process technology with special steam injection to activate
casein and starches to highest level.

Heavy duty steam generator according to the latest actual steam technology with high capacity reserves.

Permanent quality control of raw materials.
Monitoring of all batches during the entire production process.
Special laboratory equipment for batch control, research & development and comparative investigations.


Dispersive adhesives based on artificial resin and additives.
It is used in construction business for lamella and classical parquet labelling on concrete and wooden surfaces.


Frag offers extensive range of adhesives for various applications. This range includes adhesive products based on casein (labelling casein adhesive), polymers and vinyl acetate and other synthetic resins (packaging hot melt adhesives).
Distribution of ICAT srl products
Distribution of STUFEX srl products


Frag d.o.o.
Samoborska cesta 236
10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 1 345 55 88
Fax: +385 1 345 55 99
e-mail: info@frag.hr

The European Union supports Frag via the project “Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of SMEs through information and communication technologies (ICT)”, reference number KK.

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